Trip to Tulsunzoda

Trip to Tursunzoda is one of the most sought after travel destination in Tajikistan. One of the largest cities of Tajikistan, Tursunzoda is located on the river Kurnay in North Tajikistan. It is the second largest city of Pamir nation and is also one of the most populated cities there. The main attractions of Trip to Tursunzoda include Dovshyn forest, Dushanbe lake, several famous hill stations such as Aktashkany, Bumulai, Khunichai, Geytectai and many more.

The weather of Trip to Tursunzoda is mostly pleasant all round the year except when it is winter. The climatic conditions are semi-tropical in nature with maximum temperature being around 17 degree Celsius. The most ideal season to visit Tursunzoda is from October to March when the climate is considered to be the best. However, the grape farm of this region is open all year round.

Tajikistan is a landlocked state in Central Asia, lying in the foothills of Pamir Mountains. The capital of Tajikistan is Herat. The country’s major cities are Herat, Mazatlan, Shepte, Shtokhala, Samen, Shahjanabad, Ovorkhek and many more. There are several important tourist destinations in and around Tajikistan and an interesting working trip to Tajikistan should be considered by both domestic and foreign tourists.

The climate of Tajikistan is semi-tropical and the best time to visit as the country is from October to March when the climate is considered to be the most ideal. Tajikistan is very popular among both tourists and foreign visitors. The climate is very mild and the people are warm and friendly. The government has provided special zones for agricultural production and free trade with China. Tourists visiting to Tajikistan should buy early products such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, tea, salt, sugarcane, wheat, oatmeal, tea leaves and milk.

When to visit: Tajikistan is an excellent place to visit in the spring or in the fall. However, summer is generally too hot and rainy. Therefore, it is advisable to visit in the winter or in the late winter. The best months to visit are from May to September. The weather in Tajikistan is generally quite pleasant and there are many interesting attractions to see.

Food to eat: Tajikistan is an agricultural land and so the food is primarily rice and cereals. The main meat of choice in Tajikistan is beef and goat meat. Tajikistan is also well known for its wine, wheat and cotton. The national flower is the agar tree and there is a big rose tree nearby called the orchid tree.