Trip to Ismayilli in Egypt – A Fascinating Tour

A Trip to Ismayilli is a must for the vacationers to all over the world. Located in the foothills of the Caucasian Mountains, this picturesque town enjoys a panoramic view of mountain and river valleys. Trees, mountains, blue-sky and fresh air. A perfect trip to Ismayilli, Azerbaijan. The idea of eco, environmental, motoravial and photo-oriented tourism.

The word “Ismaililli” means “mountain temple”. It was considered to be the location where the Mother of the Gods had been born. The main temple is Ismayilli Church. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Caucasian Mountains from this church. Copies of manuscripts, frescoes and wall paintings of local artists decorate the church.

The city of Ismayilli was developed in the 10th century by Berishnaga tribe who took refuge in the forest of Caucasian. It was named “vilayet” after the leader of the tribe. From thereon, the city flourished as an important political and cultural center for the Azeris. The most important attraction of the city is the Museum of Natural History. Here one can see many types of animals in their natural habitats, mountains and deserts.

There are many options available for trip to Ismayilli. You can choose either to travel by train or sea. The train journey takes about two and a half hours. Passengers can hop onto a minibus and travel to the historical city of Ismayilli. Sea-going cruises are a more preferred choice of travel. The trip takes about two and a half hours.

The most popular trips to Ismayilli include both land and sea cruises. One can go for a walking tour through the old quarters. You can also go for a car cruise. On land, you can visit the tombs of great leaders of the city and have a look at the monuments that mark the historical importance of the place. The city has many temples too, which are worth visiting.

In case of sea travel, it is essential to take expert guidance. The authenticity of such services can only be ascertained through experience. Thus it is essential to opt for an established company. Once you have availed such services, you can make use of them in a way that suits your travel and budget.

In addition to the cultural tour, a trip to Ismayilli also offers some spectacular water sports. You can enjoy surfing on the sea and in this season, the beaches are filled with tourists. The windsurfing, banana boat and para sailing are some of the other sports that you can participate in. If you want to enjoy a romantic getaway, you can opt for honeymoon packages.

When you tour the city, there are several attractions that you should not miss. These include the Ismayilli Cathedral, the Minster of Justice, Basilica of St. John the Baptist, the Pilea Maronite Church and St. Ignatius Cathedral. For those who like history and culture, there is no dearth of places to visit. The Ismayilli Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum are among the most popular tourist attractions in the city.