How to Plan Your Holiday to Antakya

Trip to Antakya

How to Plan Your Holiday to Antakya

The beautiful island of Antakya in the Mediterranean Sea is an exciting and fascinating island to explore for any kind of traveler. A trip to Antakya allows visitors to experience the thrill and excitement of white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and exotic reefs. This is also a great place for couples to have a relaxing and romantic holiday. The island is perfect for spending your days in the sun, swimming in the clear waters and enjoying the sight of the seascape.

Turkey holidays are incomplete without visiting the island of Antakya. This small tourist island is just 90 minutes away from the capital of Turkey, Antalya, by sea. There are many inexpensive flights to Antakya throughout the year and therefore it is quite possible for you to schedule your holiday during the off season when there are low flights to Turkey. However, the best time to visit Antakya can be anywhere from May to October.

You can save substantial amount of money on your flight to Antakya. Most people travel in luxurious flights to the island of Antakya during the summer months when the weather is quite pleasant and the beaches are exceptionally beautiful. During the winter, however, these same people would pay much more to fly to Antakya and spend their holidays in luxury hotels in the city of Antakya. Therefore, if you can schedule your trip to coincide with the off season or whenever there are low flights to Turkey, you will be able to find some of the most competitive prices available for your luxury trip to Antakya. There are numerous online sources that offer budget flights to Antakya but you should check them out thoroughly before you book your flight to the island of Antakya.

If you are planning to take a luxury trip to Antakya, you should consider a budget flight as this will help you save money during your holiday. The standard cost of a return journey on a business class airline is around $80 per day and therefore it is not very cost effective if you were planning to spend three or four days on Antakya. If you were planning a short stay, you may be able to get a great deal from a budget flight to Antakya. In fact, there are many people that have found their dream holiday in Antakya by travelling on a budget flight. If you book your tickets well in advance, you may even be able to find discounted prices for your air tickets and stay in luxury hotels. Therefore, if you are planning a luxury trip to Antakya, you should also plan your budget flight in order to get the best deal possible for your air tickets and your stay on the island of Antakya.

Once you have planned your budget flight to Antakya, you should calculate your total air ticket cost including your daily expenses. You need to ensure that you do not fly into Antakya at a price higher than you can afford as you may not end up staying in the resort. You can visit the resorts that are located around the coast of Antakya as they are usually located a bit closer to the airport. If you were planning a trip to the resort on a budget, you should book a single room which can help you save money when it comes to booking flights for the island of Antakya. The cost of staying in a single room will not be much as compared to the cost of three or four rooms in a luxury resort and therefore if you are planning a luxury trip to Antakya, you should book a single room so that you can control the flight costs.

When you are planning your holiday, you need to make sure that you do not fly into Antakya at a time when there are a lot of flights to the area. The best time to visit Antakya for this part of the world is during the month of June and July as these months are known to witness very heavy rainfall. It is therefore important that you avoid flying into this area during this period. The rainfall in Antakya will also prevent the plane from getting in contact with the airport thus causing delays in the flight schedule.